Blankets, pillows and beanbag – how it all began…

Global Bedding GmbH was founded in early 2005, focused in the beginning on the production and distribution of bedding items.
As licensee of the fashion brand ESPRIT we produced and distributed pillows and duvets till the end of 2009 under this label.

At the same time the brand name «Norman Hayordal» was created, also for bedding items like pillows and duvets in different categories from commercial to high end and has been established on the market successfully ever since that time.

From 2006 onwards we also started the production and distribution of beanbags. In 2007 we already created the first beanbag suitable for outdoor usage. In the following years this idea has been further developed, improved and we have generated under the brand name OUTBAG a high level of competence in this new range of products.
 This range, in between time, compromises of a wide variety of different styles and materials, which makes us, as the pioneer of outdoor beanbags, one of the market leaders.
 OUTBAG is a real alternative garden furniture of a very special kind.
 Today you can find OUTBAG’s in furniture stores and garden centers, in restaurants and beach clubs, in ski resorts and kindergardens or schools. They ensure relaxation, be it up in the mountains in the snow, in the garden, at the beach or virtually anywhere else you might think of.

In the meantime we also developed the traditional beanbag further. Under the brand name PUSHBAG we offer a wide range of styles and materials and keep moving with innovative styling and development.

Our main priority was and is always to provide high-quality products at different price levels. All products are produced under the European Standard REACH. 
For the indoor beanbags in the «young living» range, the products are certificated according to the European Toy Standard EN 71 2+3 to ensure they contain no harmful substances. 
Special processing methods enables us to use recycled filling material which is not only from ecological aspects the better solution, this material is in many ways even superior to newly produced filling materials.

These are all self-imposed criteria, as there are so far no statutory minimum standards for these products, but which are, in our opinion, unavoidable in order to offer safe products to our customer’s and consumer’s.